The Last G-Sale Before I Turn 70

About time. One day 2nd last weekend, then we eked out another 2 sunny days this wkend. Went very well–over 600 people, 4 bikes 2 dogs, and one-5 cent spider, drifting through. The usual family gang and we babysat the (IQ 130) 7 year-old who put together a tricky cube shelf on the driveway.

Very financially successful (we’ll live off the take for 2 mos. spending dough) overall, but, at this age, it takes a couple of days to come down or even look to the garage again. So this is the last big one after 10 years of sales over the past 12 years or so. A major downsizing and now, as customary, we donate most of what is left to charity. An appropriate finale this month.

(The last Jeanne’s b-day cake last summer in a Wpg. hotel–had these cakes for many b-days since childhood; the chocolate curls and shortbread base are to die for.)

Looking forward to a last trip to the old Macdonald Confederation Lounge this month before it closes for good. The outdoor symphony will be here before you know it and the big 7-0. Radium is also not too far off now, staying at Bighorn Meadows, seeing my old high school musical friend in Calgary, and picking up a Wpg. Jeanne’s cake there for the Radium celebration. August and Sept. are already filled up.

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