It’s the time of year (the start of Dec.)

for those still working to take stock with Christmas and the holidays on the horizon. Time to look inward and ask oneself “Am I too much ‘work’? Am I in a rut? Is there more to my life than my job? Do I have other needs, wants, and desires?”

“Am I appreciated or largely taken for granted? Do I give out most of the time with little response, feedback, or love? How long can I give out without getting something satisfying and fulfilling in return?”

“Am I sacrificing myself for not much? Is there more to life than making money? Am I really happy?”

Tough questions but December is a natural month for reflecting on one’s life and self. To contemplate changes, especially of the heart, mind, and spirit. Now that you’re this far up the ladder, is it really up against the wrong or right wall?

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