Best Dog Movie Ever,

Lady and the Tramp, a 1955 Disney classic, is still a perfect movie for 6-8-year-olds, for whom the scary fight scenes are quite manageable. The narrative is a good one about a romance between a pedigreed cocker spaniel and a free-spirited mongrel. The other dogs are funny and nobody/no parents die for a change!

The animation is very engaging and atmospheric with many scene changes. The music is appropriately melodramatic and Peggy Lee contributes two outstanding songs: “He’s a Tramp” and “We Are Siamese” (about two evil cat-villains). The spaghetti restaurant scene at Tony’s features the teary “This Is the Night” and is itself a classic moment in cinematic history.

A safe, thoroughly entertaining, strongly recommended family movie that more than stands up tall after all these years. With much humor directed at adults, too.

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