Edmo Gondola Madness

Sure will be fun riding the gondola from October to March!
Given the funicular freezes and is not working much of the time, how often is this likely to happen to a frozen gondola inaccessibly stuck over the river valley?
What happens to the riders stuck in the gondola? How will they be rescued? How much will this cost? Who will pay for this reality?
What exactly are the entrepreneurs putting up for this attraction? Who pays for upkeep? breakdowns? rescues? advertising? etc.?
Should city taxpayers have to pay a cent for this crazy pipe-dream?
What makes the entrepreneurs so sure they will get millions of riders, especially from October to May?
Another crazy scheme being fostered by Don and city council to go along with the funicular, the expanded riderless LRT, broken down road system, unrealistic garbage collection plan, etc.

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