Fear, yes,

(The most dangerous unconventional individual is the fearless, self-actualized individual who is not afraid to speak out or speak his mind.)


…it’s fear that recurrently and often rules and buggers up our lives, attitudes, and personal choices. To wit, the GOP senators in the impeachment trial frightened to anger Trump and his predictable revengeful wrath and bullying nicknames. And so the GOP senators line up and march mindlessly in lemming-like formation off the cliff of the party’s imminent demise.

Locally here, fear motivates a principal to assume that an Asian parent returning from a trip automatically must be returning from coronavirus-stricken China. Absolutely, without question, most prejudice and discrimination is based on fear.

And I must admit, that in my long life and career that I have seen myriads of individuals, groups, and companies cower to fear and cowardice rather than doing what might have been best or better for situations and individuals. Fear: the ultimate destroyer and limiter of human potential and possibilities. As I have often remarked and written: We just do it to ourselves (and others) over and over and over and….

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