My Bottom-Line and the Continuing Upward and Onward

I don’t believe in systems. Became disillusioned within and by them by 40. At which point, I reaffirmed my individuality and realized Hamlet’s “To thine own self be true” (the name of my blog) as my credo.

Since then nothing has shaken that view and my total disillusionment with and retreat from politics (world-wide, North Americanly, provincially, and locally) have followed culminating today.

I still most believe in individuals whether they be creative, talented, or heroic as well as Real People (who are ordinary, use common sense, are decent, hard-working, who are not snobs, full-of-themselves, who are not fakes and phonies).

I especially believe in the Great Men and Women of history who have truly moved Western Civilization of olde forward: the Michelangelos, the Beethovens, Shakespereares, Edisons, Bantings, Carsons, King, Jrs. of the planet. These are the people writ large who have most mattered, who have illustrated our human best, maximizing our great potential over and over again.

The Trumps, Hitlers, and Putins will ultimately end up in the meaningless black holes they have generated that have, tragically, had too much influence on way too many everywhere.

The course I set in 1990 and from retirement on with my study of every great person I have been interested in (c.f. other featured blog entries about many of these)  continues far, far away from the frenzy of the madding crowd and the large black hole that has yawned wide open south of the border.

In this personal choice, there is wisdom, survival, and a continuing form of personal success and fulfilment I have, only-childly, long sought after all my 70 years. The path is only clearer, crystal clear, loftier, and more spiritually uplifting than ever before.

Yup, certain individuals over systems. Systems, government leaders, and e-technology will never love you.


(cover of Upward and Onward, the new forthcoming book of poems)

(And after that)

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