Syncronicity # 32857

Same old. Do something one moment and the universe sends it back to you in an uncanny “pay attention to me, to the connection” with the usual attached questions “What does this mean? What are the odds, frankly?”

On a whim yesterday, I pulled out my deceased father-in-law’s hockey game from the late 1950s most likely, and the visiting 8-year-old grandson was totally hooked, dragging me back to the basement two more times to play yet another endless game.

This morning, I missed it on the editorial page in the Journal initially, but my wife caught it and drew it to my attention and I remark, “But, of course, the universe answers back. All is known. The patterns are everywhere for the seeing. Did you catch this uncanny out-of-the-blue, not-so-arbitrary message from out of the apparent chaos and mess of the morning? Are you really awake and fully conscious? Did you twig to this morning’s test? the umpteenth one directed your way? Do you see the underlying patterns and patterning of all thing? Do you this morning’s six degrees of separation? this morning’s synchronicity you missed earlier on? Do you have your wits about you? Why has this happened just for you and your wife? Do you notice any other patterns to this coincidence and all the other ones we’ve been sending you? What do you think this one and all the others add up to and mean? Is there some great epiphany waiting for you to be made about the world or narrow sphere you live in?”

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