Dealing with Night-time Colds: The Wisdom

Open a jar of liquid No-Snore (available at medical health supplies stores) in your bedroom to keep your nose and throat open all night. (I recommend that you not put the jar directly on furniture to prevent possible spill damage and that you place it where you are not likely to bump into it or come close to it at night. Use a tissue to open and close the jar and wash hands afterward.)

A Vicks Inhaler can help keep the nose open, too.

If you have a sore throat, take a red cherry Cepacol candy; it will numb your throat and brings instant relief.

If you are coughing and need a sleep, Benalyn Dry Cough Extra Strength (formerly DM) will eventually work.

Tylenol will relieve any other head congestion taken before bedtime.

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