Common Sense and 30-70%

With the prediction from the Health Minister that, basically 50% (same as the US prediction) will get coronavirus, it is time for common sense to click in for one and all re. precautions and official advice for daily operations.

The country and cities could end up significantly closed down so one has to think seriously about social distancing and hunkering down for a long period of time (not just two weeks). This will change everything from one not going to work to staying home with kids (because of closed schools and daycare centres). Malls and stores will shut down and we are going to see a lot of business failures. (The market is likely to crash, methinks, as in 1929, possibly.)

Supplies, as in food, medicines, and maybe gas, will be disrupted sooner or later. In cities, there will be more people walking around on the streets and in parks. Mostly, people will stay home, and it may be questionable whether the Internet and Netflix will stay up and running. People will be reading more even if they can’t get to libraries.

One of my recent entries (Feb. 28) on coronavirus is about Neville Shute’s On the Beach, and, if you have not read it or seen the movie version, it might be worth a look as to how bad things might ultimately get (Substitute coronavirus for radiation poisoning).

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