6 Word Memoirs

Extremely responsible, secretly longed for spontaneity.

I thought I was someone else.

I was born; some assembly required.

She said nothing could go wrong.

Time to start over, again.

Perpetual work in progress, need editor.

My life is just like yours.

Happy now that I know myself.

To paraphrase William Faulkner, I endured.

If there’s more, I want it.

The day just kept getting better.

Unfortunately, there was no other way.

When talk matters, make it count.

She read too much…into everything.

I write stories. They come true.

Became more like myself every year.

We were each other’s favorite person.

I’m not afraid of anything anymore.

The road diverged; I took it.

I will never be quite finished.

Looking to know everything about everything.

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