Many Days Dealing with 3 Meals a Day Still

Planning what to have with whatever limited groceries, especially with declining availability and purchase of fruits and vegetables. It’s tough and the empty shelves of sugar, salt, and chocolate products also tell a future tale of increased obesity from a free-fall sedentary lifestyle online or in front of the tv.

And if there’s no indoor movement or exercise: Da-da-da-dum. A deadly combo for down the road for millions. For have-nots and lazy types with a minimal sense of diet and exercise consequences of this duofold neglect, those dangers are massively magnified.

So these physical basics, obviously, come first as one is left to one’s own resources in an age of pandemic.

I will just mention, too, the question of inner basics as well since they affect mind, thinking, emotions, and spirit/soul. One always has to ‘put in’/input and move forward each day relative to one’s experience, interests, hobbies, curiosity, and the need for information/the need to know. Learning something new and exploring a topic further is a bare minimum for keeping one’s inner self intact.

Doing nothing but sitting on the phone, computer, or tv is generally a deadly course unless you are doing the things I mentioned above. If you are going to watch tv, watch your own freely chosen informative, education, uplifting videos. Or shows that feature intelligent conversation–something that will get one thinking and discussing with others.

There is a big diff between Googling Entertainment Tonight and Rachel Carson, for example. Sites about Nature are usually inspiring and informative. There is much to learn about the world. What have you learned today about yourself, your past, what interests you, other people, famous and great people and role models, ways of imagination and creation, the arts, and other ways of thinking and living? How have you moved forward today? What filled you up? Nature? Music? Reading? A good conversation with a friend? Helping others in some way?

Anyway, it’s all about choices even within limited and limiting contexts. How you live your one life. How you keep going and keep yourself up. How you stay connected and realize your inner self. All of that.

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