Morning/Nature Basics

(my old split-tail friend in better times)

Spring-summer-autumn, each day.
The daily neighborhood walk.
This morning exchanging his with the new neighbor next door.

Then taking in the outside air and checking the skies to see what’s up. A cloudy day–will be working inside on the blog.
Noticing the greening of lawns starting.

Hearing the birds sing and thinking ahead to the May Day trees and lilacs blooming later in May, which begins tomorrow.

And on the way back into the cul de sac, seeing the local jack rabbit bound across the road ahead and into the other-side-of-me neighbor’s open entrance to his backyard.

Reminding me that Stumpy, our favorite long-time resident backyard squirrel, has not been around after the neighbor behind us chopped down the last two trees he used to get around to the first neighbor’s yard. (I’m guessing he’s moved or finally given up the biscuit.) We chatted the last time I saw him last week and I hope his end was fast and unpainful. A new twitchy, fast-moving squirrel with a bushy tail (possibly a female he used to chase), Flash, has moved into his digs and turf. The passing of the guard most likely.

So there you go–full circle–back to neighbor 1. The walk and nature basics of my morning; the squirrels connecting two yards, two neighbors. Ground zero of the new/old normal.

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