“The Forsyte Saga” BBC series (1967)

The glorious soap, that changed television based on John Galsworthy’s books, which was released then world-wide and became a viewing sensation for both men and women.

The 26 1-hr. episodes (1,300 minutes) were released on 7 b & w discs (came out just before color took over the airwaves) with over 2 hrs. of bonus features. A cast of 150 actors, 2000 separate costumes, and 100 sets. Starring Kenneth More (of A Night to Remember and Sink the Bismark), Eric Porter (who later played a sinister Moriarty in Brett’s Holmes series), Nyree Dawn Porter, Susan Hampshire (of The Pallisers series), and Nicholas Pennell (who became a Canadian Stratford Festival favorite).

The opening episodes, in particular, are engrossing with a number of love triangles and the famous conflict between Irene and Soames. Classic BBC tv with quality acting. Highly recommended.

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