Anti-Vaxxers just don’t care about others.

Not only do they walk amongst the vaccinated infecting them, children, family, friends, and others, but they also deserve condemnation for many of the wasted dosages which were originally designated for them that didn’t get to other needy sick Canadians and unvaccinated people in many other countries.

These are incredibly selfish, disrespectful, socially irresponsible, could-care-less people. I have no respect or pity for stupid, ignorant, unrepentant people who will-fully and stubbornly make their own bad personal dangerous choices, especially when they threaten the health of the greater number/society. Their frivolously so-called ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ is a dangerous (to themselves and others): truly a brain-dead position and a narrow, misinformed, unscientific choice.

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