-Years of driving through burnt-out sections on the road to Radium.                                        –Windstorms smashing through Stanley Park.
-Fires in Kelowna area annually and now everywhere else in the province. Smoke blanketing the province in summer. Lillooet destroyed.
-Tankers dropping cargoes, washing ashore in Vancouver. (Will some of them take out Lion’s Gate Bridge one day?)
-Flooding in Kelowna and now atmospheric rivers to boot, closing down railways and main highways out of valley, drowning Abbotsford, and hitting those other small towns like Lilloet on #1.
-Pipeline protesters influenced by a lawless David Suzuki who predicts explosions and “blowing ups”.

After many relatively tranquil years, B.C. has its plate full, being more cut off from the rest of Canada for the first time in the modern era, something not seen since the transcontinental railway was built in the 1880s and the Trans Canada Highway was finished in the mid 1900s.

As an Edmontonian, one can still access Vancouver and Vancouver by plane. But it is hard to imagine travelling by car to the coast anymore. In the mountains, only Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise and Radium remain options for travel.

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