Madu Timeline:

AB Justice Minister Madu gets distracted driving ticket for talking on cellphone in May 2020. It is not reported till January 2021. Now why would that be? Someone withholding important info from the media for 10 months!?

And, of course, Kenney is protecting him by not forcing him to resign, and is only taking action now even though he’s likely known about the incident for 10 months. He only acts whenever ‘caught’ or when the media gets hold of a damaging story.

Interesting that Madu gratuitously raised racial profiling to try and offset and pressure the police chief. A sleazy way to slither out of his being caught and being held responsible.

Madu tried distraction, too, back in July last year with his crazy, absurd, dangerous campaign for public use of pepper spray. All of our eyes would have been put out so we couldn’t see his crime! Guilty, guilty. Enough, enough. This guy should be turfed. He is a major embarrassment and disgrace to his position and does not act like an impartial justice minister.

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