Well Worth the Wait

“I’m the fuckin’ president!” screamed by Donald Trump in the prez SUV Suburban on Jan. 6 at secret service agents as he tried to grab the steering wheel, then ended up trying to choke the #1 agent who pried his hand away from the wheel.¬†*This story has not been rebutted with any counter-evidence thus far.

Cassidy Hutchinson–young American hero for doing the right things and testifying truthfully in depth despite death threats–is the new John Dean. Hutchinson’s detailed testimony should finally lead to Trump getting his just deserts in court and be the defining end of the bully-tyrant. Merrick Garland now has a veritable slew of possible charges to drive a stake thru Trump’s heart.¬†

I am popping the cork today; this has been the long-awaited day of reckoning I’ve much longed for since 2017. This one is the Truth finally coming out against all odds and a steady firehose of GOP lies and cover-ups. Here’s to the good, truly courageous¬† people of the world who do what’s right for the the greater causes of democracy and the health and survival of their nations. They point the way out of the long night of King Learish evil and corruption.

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