Trump, 9/11, the Saudis and LIV

Trump has lied about everything. He claimed that he lost hundreds of friends in 9/11 and there has never been any evidence of this.

He also let the Saudis off easy when Khashoggi was tortured and chopped up; he refused to hold them accountable one iota.

Now he is hosting a LIV event a mere 58 miles from 9/11 ground zero. Zero sensitivity to 9/11 victims. A hypocritical, shameless bigot, the only thing he respects is big money.

PGA golfers supporting the Saudi LIV should, likewise, be totally ashamed–notably Phil Mickelson–for selling out for money and ignoring the serious Saudi sins mentioned above.
Biden, too, for his irrational fist pump when he visited their country recently.

Golf’s image has been tarnished again; much as by once-hero Gary Player’s support of apartheid in South Africa for years when he was in his prime in the ’60s and ’70s. Rude behaviors in tournaments, homophobic comments and now the LIV controversy. Golf, a supposed ‘gentleman’s sport’, has taken several significant, disgraceful hits overall recently.

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