Re. Killer Parents

I am not kidding when I have previously said that parents should have to be tested before they start a baby to see if they are morally fit and sane enough to be responsible for this precious mission.

A case in point below, likewise, on how crazy this widespread, irrational resistance to vaccines has gotten. I will say, from the start here, that the crazy choices should be limited to oneself and not foisted on children who can’t choose for themselves.

In New Zealand, a baby needed a pronto emergency operation, but the selfish, dumb-ass parents would not allow it to go ahead with blood from a vaccinated donor. This craziness was foiled legally, however, by the health authorities who have taken charge of the child so it can receive available, necessary, likely safe blood in order to have a chance to live.

You can be certain that the parents will sue if the baby dies from the delays they created, but, regardless of the outcome, someone–the authorities–cared more for that baby than his/her own parents, ironically. In the end, common sense and respect for medical authority deserved the upper hand when it comes down to being genuinely concerned and caring about the health and welfare of helpless children. Crazy political agendas should not/never supercede life-saving health cae.

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