Three Truths Emerging from the Past 6 Years:

1. The great struggle of the time continues to be between truth and lies as 150 Republicans hang on to the lie that Biden is not president, as China totally falsifies its Covid death count, as Putin lies to Ukrainians about a Christmas ceasefire, as the climate crisis continues to be denied and unaddressed, as the AB UCPs wilfully deny the contamination of mountain mines on that geographic area, as well as innumerable other examples on the global and home fronts and in the relationships of people’s daily lives.

2. No, there’s nothing more real and satisfying than a physical kiss, hug, or other physical contact. This has been brought home by isolations created in families, friendships, and other situations. Pets have helped enormously in the meantime–again that real physical contact. And, you can really see the truth of this when kids enthusiastically hug parents, grandparents, and friends. There are the best expressions of abiding love and the vital, remaining human need for touch and physical contact of any kind.

3. The current age has also confirmed that Common Sense no longer lives here on government, political, and widespread social levels. The Canadian government has approved cannabis gummies that are getting into the hands of children, in the U.S. children have access to guns with a 6-year-old recently shooting his teacher, and in Edmonton bike lanes are a priority for snow clearing in winters and blizzards. Meantime, Trump and allies remain free and unindicted. This is very much the age of the Macbethian “Nothing is but what is not” and “Fair is foul and foul is fair” and Yeats’s “rough beast slouching toward Bethlehem to born” (A.I. robots being given human intelligence, McCarthy becoming GOP speaker, Trump slouching toward the 2024 election., etc.)
Reason, rationality, let alone basic common sense and respect for the laws, do not live here anymore in any widespread sense.

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