Preston Manning Wins the Lottery!

As Danielle Smith continues to panic and flounder about looking to create distractions for the public, Manning is chosen to head up an investigation into Alberta’s response to the pandemic. (Now, c’mon confess, wasn’t this something keeping you wide awake these nights?)

In effect, it’s a gratuitous golden handshake of a quarter million + 2 million overall for the Smith-selected committee. Smell any bias, predetermined outcomes, or corruption?

Anyway, Preston was a shoo-in for the job since he has been publicly predisposed to doing away with Covid regulations should another pandemic arise. In other words, Smith loaded this task force which will render the verdict she, the UCP, and rednecks would desire. (Make no mistake, she is doing this also to appease her southern redneck base.)

Meantime, there remain no consequential changes to the hospitals crisis, to educational paralysis, and to the destruction of the mountains by coal mining. And meantime, we still don’t know how many people are dying of Covid, how many children are in hospitals, and how many beds, doctors, and nurses hospitals are short of.

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