‘Master of Mobiles’

Alexander Calder, Mobile on Two Planes, 1962, aluminum sheet and painted  steel, Georges Pompidou Center, Paris | Oeuvre d'art, Toile abstraite,  Sculpture

(Pronounced mo-beels.)

Alexander Calder shuttled back and forth between Europe and the U.S. and became world-famous as the maker of moving mobiles, kinetic art, (though he preferred the term ‘objects’) stirred by air currents and physics basics.

His unique airy sculptures were made from balls of wire (which he carried around with him) and cut-out and painted metal and plastic pieces. His large civic and gallery sculptures (‘stabiles’) were the same kinds of abstract shapes created in painted (often red or black) pieces. Very controversial when they first appeared in public places, they quickly won fans and critical appreciations, transforming public spaces and the previous limited notions of what sculpture were.

Homage to Jerusalem - Wikipedia
He was a playful spirit who liked entertaining crowds and audiences, putting on circuses in his early days, then clownishy interacting with his air sculptures. His works are uniformly light, humorous, and mind-boggling in tone.

The below entertaining documentary (also available on YouTube) lays out his life, career, art works, and style. Highly recommended.

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