Obit: Canadian Nice-Guy Gordon, 92

As in Pinsent, one of Canada’s most popular, iconic actors, Newfoundland’s most famous ‘son’, who starred in Away from Her, winning rave reviews.

Canadian tv series

1963-65 Forest Rangers

1968-72 Quentin Durgens

1978-79 A Gift to Last

1989-93 Street Legal

1991-2006 Red Green Show

1994-99 Due South

2010-2012 Republic of Doyle


1968 The Thomas Crown Affair

1972 The Rowdyman–written by and starring himself

1987 John and the Missus-starring plus directing

2001 The Shipping News

2006 Away from Her

**There is also, from/on GEM, available on Google, a nice documentary on Pinsent made 6 years ago. Very interesting on his character and family relationships.

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