Always good to jump

The Book Bond: Penguin 007 Collection box set

when opportunity presents itself as I have always done. Those kinds of opportunities are rapidly diminished in our brave new misleading, diluted, sanitized-for-public-consumption world.

As the woke censors and politically correct snowflake generation of editors zero in to cleanse all classics, I am glad that I have the complete, unexpurgated collection of James Bond DVDs and the complete unpurged Bond novels boxset.

Both my memory of the past and consciousness about the truth and original, author-intended accuracy about the past remain intact on this front. As Orwell said “Reality is inside the skull”.

Ones I’m betting censors will come for: 1984, Poe’s violent stories, The Call of the Wild, Huckleberry FinnLord of the Flies, Brave New World, Crime and Punishment, MacbethHamletRomeo and JulietThe Taming of the ShrewKing LearOthello. (I consider To Kill a Mockingbird as already censored or banned.)

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