Manfred Mann (1963-1969)

and The Manfreds (1992-2023).

The Classic Core Record Albums

(The first and most famous album, 1964, gr. 10–I was introduced to by my oldest friend Hugh in his bedroom one Saturday.)

(1965: the other strong album.)

The CDs

(Best of the early hits.)

The 7 EP Collection

The Comprehensive 11 CD Boxset

More BBC Collections

The Manfreds 2 DVD Live Set

(original players, front row: left: Mike Hugg; red shirt: Mike D’Abo–2nd lead singer; black jacket: Paul Jones 1st lead singer; right: guitar–Tom Guinness)

Manfred Mann was named after their organ player. They started as a jazz duo (Hugg and Mann). Paul Jones gradually introduced them to rhythm and blues. Later, they had a jazz interlude during which Cream’s Jack Bruce joined them on bass. Then they became a pop group after Jones left and D’Abo took over the vocals. The Revolver album artist and part-time Beatles bass player Klaus Voorman also played bass for them in the D’Abo version.

After 1969, they morphed into less interesting versions–MM Chapter 3 and the MM Earth Band. But starting in 1992, The Manfreds iteration signified a return to the glory days of the original members playing live together.

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