Re. the Deluded, Crooked Alberta Pension Plan

It’s all really simple.
Danielle and her redneck buds want to steal, broadfacedly, Albertans’ nest-egg money; money that does not belong to them.
They want to frivolously and egregiously waste/blow it on harebrained schemes of their selfish, greedy choosing.
They don’t give a flying fig about Albertans, retirees, and retirements.
They just want to embezzle big funds that don’t belong to them so that Albertans will be left with nothing/nada down the road.
In truth, Danielle just wants to be Queen and wants the province to be a Republic as in States/Trump.
Do not believe any of the fraudulent crapola propaganda being used to stuff this sucker down Albertans’ throats. Lies, all of it.

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