Our society has lately lost the capacity to

(a man who never did one damn good thing for anyone else in his flawed, colonialized life?)


…contextualize, perspective, and balance, don’t you think?
John A. MacDonald’s name has been stripped from a prize because of a/the pc agenda, for no other reason.
Ever notice how the larger views and contexts (like John A. being the truest founder of this country that we know, live in, and take completely for granted) are flushed down the toilet in the name of smaller, specific agendas which totally ignore any goodness and positivity that individuals have done. These mighty deeds are completely ignored as these people become totally decontextualized from their original positions and deeds for others across the centuries.
No, the limits of pc-ing become so obvious when heroes, legends, and makers of what we enjoy today get trashed for perceived slights and injuries affecting smaller numbers or groups of people in the Big/ger Picture of history.
No sense of perspective, fairness, or balance apart from whatever justified causes and ‘payback’.
There has always been this metaphorical problem of throwing the baby out with the bathwater of redress and protest. I guess John A. was just s-it and did nothing good in his life for millions of Canadians in our history. He had zero positive qualities and only existed to become faddishly villainized by a limited/limiting bandwagon agenda.

Yeah, I miss the larger thinking and balanced-view perspectives in our ‘brave new’ pc world. That all said, John A. certainly did more than any agenda group in turning this northern wilderness of satellite provinces into one unified, relatively peaceful, civilized, un-gun-toting country distinct from the United States. Uh, maybe that’s why he’s been widely and fondly long remembered across this country over time.

When in doubt or before criticizing, always contextualize. People often have more than one side or flaw. Otherwise, as Shakespeare said, who would escape whipping?

This Christmas, I wish the pc-agendaists of all stripes the gifts of fairness, equality, critical thinking, balanced perspectives, and ability to contextualize before making  any judgements in 2018. Unity, not division, is the greater wisdom always regardless of whatever perceived or assumed wrongs. There are more/other larger views than those of narrow, limited/limiting agendas of one historical moment.

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