Obit: Bibi Andersson, 83

(Liv–left, Bibi–right in first/left vid)

Best remembered for her role as the talky nurse in Bergman’s highly recommended classic Persona (also starring Liv Ullmann–the best voiceless performance ever given by an actress).

(The MGM–left–version includes “A Poem in Images” Featurette, On Camera Interviews with both actresses, trailer, and audio commentary by a Bergman biographer)

(The comprehensive Criterion–right–version includes new 2K restoration of the beautiful black and white film, new visual essay of the prologue by critic Peter Cowie, new interviews with Ullmann and Paul Schrader, archival interviews with Bergman, Bibi and Liv, on-set footage with audio commentary, a feature doc about Bergman and Liv, trailer, a new subtitle translation, 1 Blu-Ray & 2 DVDs and a booklet.)

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