Jasper Park Lodge Memories

(left: 1932 booklet about the Lodge put out by CNR; right: bird’s eye of the lodge

(left: what was then the lounge; right: the main dining room)

(from a 1932 guide: map of the property)

Well, yes, I was and still am something of a historian (2nd U major was history) and I will be including pictures from very old books (some are antiques–over 100 years old) and ephemera in future blog entries. I have also collected vintage material about my hometown Winnipeg, Edmonton, Victoria, the mountains, other parts of Canada, and the railways. I own an olde turn-of-the-century stereoscope with postcards, and know a fair bit about European and English history as well. My U minor was philosophy and that and the majors grounded my background on ideas, themes, and the Arts (I took Aesthetics).

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