Love’s Not Easy

I think we’re gonna break up
Yes it’s time for us to make up our minds
We hardly know each other
More like sister, more like brother
Love takes time.

You dream of knights in armour
I imagine I’m a charmer, that’s a lie
Our relationship’s ideal
No we never see the real
That’s not right

Love’s not easy
Oh the games lovers play
Lots of losers
Even winners have to pay

I think our love is through now
We don’t know what to do now, it’s a crime
We’ll have to face tomorrow
No more lies or breaks to borrow
Out of time

Love’s not easy
Oh the games lovers play
No love’s not easy
I think we’ve had our day

verse 1: repeats
chorus 1: repeats


A song in C from my abortive ’80s songwriting career. For my musically true friend Wayne in Calgary who recorded this demo and others. With another nod to Murray Smith of Edmonton on drums, who did the music for the Fringe play I co-wrote 60 Minutes Live from Loon River!

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