The Newcomer

And with the arrival of new life arrives a surge of warmth, pleasure, engagement, wonder, joy, meaning and purpose such as you have not known in a very long time. And you will rediscover play and, most important of all, your own neglected Inner Child. And whatever else in your life to come will be modulated by that play, those imaginings, and that greater selflessness. And perhaps, too, you will learn more to forget your limiting egoic adult fears and those self-imposed mind-forg’d manacles that may have kept you thusfar from a far richer, deserved fulfillment for a restless, needful, deep spiritual self, and a nourishment beyond words, poetry, and all limits. The freeing of that vital, definitive Inner Child–the missing fully-actualized joyful self. And that may be the best Information of all.


Beyond the limitations of daily humdrum, the habitual, and self, may come unexpected meaning and purpose bestowed naturally. Whatever sense of someone or something important lost is gone, magically vanished, and there is simplicity and clarity unlike before. Ironically, and as on other previous occasions, one rediscovers self through other. But this time a ‘way back’ version as vital and necessary as all the time and weighty distractions between. The missing (what Paul Simon called “the obvious child”) Inner Child within as well as its embodiment/’extension’/projection without, in a new other, the newcomer. The information of connection, identity, and a new role. A rebirth of perspective and consciousness.

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