Winston Churchill

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.”–speech, Harvard U, Sept. 6, 1943


In response to the ‘in your face’ June 2013 Apple print ads and tv commercials:

Mind control is what it’s all about, baby. Control of the masses’ minds via mass advertising online and everywhere in the world. ‘Buy, buy, buy’ to keep this whole thing goin’. E-brainwashed masses. Digitally-educated masses trained to keep the online world up and running to sell products and agendas. Who needs to think? Thinking for oneself is not to be encouraged or tolerated. Personal autonomy is the corporations’ and advertising’s great foe. (You hurt the economy every time you don’t pick up junk phone calls and every time you exercise your freedom to say “No” after the endless pitches are made. “Thank you, I have other plans.”)

Much of what I have written about the past 10 months has been about personal consciousness and assuming authorship for one’s own life. Everything in the media and in advertising is hellbent on shaping and manipulating people’s autonomy and personal experiences in order to rattle the Orwellian stick in the swill bucket.

More than ever, I believe one has to provide the above sort of information to young people and family about what is transpiring and the behavior and d/e-limits and limitations that are being foisted on new generations. It took a lo-o-ng time to build the best that has been said, thought, and created in Western civilization. Now we are in the hasty process of dismantling it via governmental willy-nilly deconstruction of institutions and large-scale public and societal stability. Call it a limited/limiting relentless obsession to destroy a lot of folks’ lives, health, and well-being in the name of saving bucks. That and the shameless quest to digitize people’s minds to control their behaviors and sell them an endless black-hole of immediately obsolescent e-media products.

We have met the enemies and they are, more than ever, advertising, corporations who could care less about your freedom and dreams, and nasty governments who want to gut health care (e.g., Orwell’s imagine a boot stamping on a human face as in the AB govt’s recent cruel attempts to stomp out supporting society’s disabled) and other working institutions that took hundreds of years to build up. It is time now to look after oneself, one’s family and providing them with the alternate info that governments, advertisers and corporations don’t and never will.                                                     

There are limitless non-d/e ways of feeling, thinking, imagining, creating, and experiencing which don’t depend on dumbed-down masses buying d/e-products. and sitting unhealthily with screen devices. There is air! There is movement! There is Nature! There is endless non-ersatz (as in d/e-mediated) beauty, meaning, engagement, and purpose. Unplug and be gloriously free this summer!


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