Designed by Nature in Edmo

(July 2, 2013)

The robin’s rhapsody rebuts
“No, This is it. This is what matters.”
No smartphone sale or
cheap coffee queues today.
Only a 30 plus enhancement
designed by Nature.

Days forever change.
The 100 k winds
will likely come,
flowers flattened in hail,
the continuous sirens
beginning anew.

But for now
cloudless blue and green
for some morning eyes.
A nuthatch yanking
the chickadees back
in eloquent appless song.
I rock perpetually clockless,
left leg crossed by right,
on the garden swing.
A warm and welcome peace.

As elsewhere
mad shoppers fry
their kids and dogs
in furnace-cars
beside the swarming malls:
a phone-y, soulless half-life.

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