The Only Constant

The only, of course, being change–such as what we see happening with blinding speed and a lack of common sense in our time. Much that is caring is no longer the “business” of governments, busy with their various entitlements and entrenched political self-interests. That and the frenzy that is advertising and the vested interests of e-media corporations.

So what’s an individual to do? Staying clear and focused is number 1 with whatever priorities and dreams one has. With all the other social distractions going on, it remains important and necessary (for survival and success) to stay true to oneself–which is, incidentally, what I have been writing about the past 12 months. It is important, certainly, though, to know oneself and to deal with whatever missing personal pieces first–to answer the most vital question (Who am I?) first. From there, one can then go on to live each day fully and satisfyingly according to whatever dreams, goals, and values. In a real sense, it is important always to stick with what one knows, believes, desires, and chooses. In that, there is real strength and resilience for dealing with whatever changes or crises may arise.

So, ironically, the only constant is also being true to one’s self and living ‘outward’ from that centre. The rest can and will stay be as irrational and crazy as it chooses or decides to be with minimal impact on the autonomous thinking and feeling individual. Individual consciousness can, then,┬ábe lived and maintained with a minimum of anxiety and distractions from what the many others are choosing or dwelling on.

In the end, one’s “ownlife”–as Orwell called it in 1984–is basic and completely necessary. It is the one life the individual is living and responsible for. No one else. That is the only constant that truly matters in the short and long run.

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