‘What People Look for Every Day’

Information. Affirmation. Connection. Passion (for someone or something). Things or Money.

I think, though, there is something much larger, significant, and meaningful that is desired, too. Everyone wants to be understood, loved, and appreciated (sometimes these latter two take the form of admiration) by one person or as many as possible (e.g., politicians, entertainers).

Where many folks are weak is on understanding, loving, and appreciating at least one other person. A definite limit and limitation.

In our world today, the givers often do not often receive their due or fair share by way of reciprocation. But one’s own limits (e.g., I only want this kind of love or to be loved this way) often lead to permanent or recurring disappointments and unfulfillment. Be that as it may, there is nothing more unsatisfying or even destructive than giving and giving while getting little or nothing back.

On the other side of the coin, takers are often so limited as to be incapable of understanding, loving, or appreciating anyone else. If self is the main focus, no deep or meaningful relationship can or ever will be.

Whatever people look for is always tempered by limits and limitations in self and others. Only so much is possible based on those factors.

Limits and limitations determine the amount of one’s freedom in whatever context you can imagine and in relationships. Interesting to think that a relationship, with whatever limits and limitations on both sides, can actually enhance one’s freedom in so many ways. And that the freedom that two may experience within their closeness and sharings can enhance the other person and the couple as a unit as well. Idealism or idealistic thinking perhaps, but true, nonetheless. The freedom of one within two, the freeing of the other, and the simultananeous freedom of both at the same time. Mutual pleasure, enhancement, and connection. Many levels, potentially, thereof.

Some of the aspects mentioned at first in this entry are so mundane and banal, they mostly function at a very limited level–information, things or money. Affirmation and connection can generally be achieved through family, friends, or workmates. Passion is largely an individual matter. It can be as conventional or unconventional as the individual him/herself. Passion, though, can satisfy at some deeper, missing-pieces or talent level, as in creative expression or communication of spirit or soul. In that, there is a self-actualization or transcendence worthy of following one’s own bliss.

But always, I think, one comes back to the closest relationship in one’s life–the one that leads to connected experience and consciousness–a higher, multitudinous state than mere individual consciousness with all the subjective limits and limitations that that implies. A state of joy, ecstasy, passion, inner depth, peace, harmony, and great contentment.

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