Stroll of Poets: An Elsewhere Community

(Elsewhere Community: Hugh Kenner’s term)

It’s been a decade of absence, but I have rejoined the Stroll of Poets–as the lone survivor of Spiritus. The time had come–many of the old guard there had moved on. Coming back last night to read at the Upper Crust there were a few of the old familiar faces including Robin–who was in Glenn Martin’s Ed CI class with me way back in 1971-72, and Marcia, a former student from 1970s McNally days, now serving on the Stroll board. Interesting,the oddity of these old connections despite the passage of time.

The other main readers were strong and the open-stagers were memorable in their 2-minute ways! Talk about limits and limitations.
Last night I read (in order):
Perspective, Upsy-daisy, September (from the ’80s), A Buried Life, The Spirit of Ecstasy, Athabasca Falls, Old City Market Shanghai, Out-of-print, and Northern Journey. A happy range of subject matter and tones.

I am confirmed to do a workshop on poetry as sound/music and image on a date T.B.A. This will be a renewal of teaching-catalyst-facilitator process. The session reveals the possibilities of those two elements within poetry and the writing process.

Full circle. The time has/had come. It was inevitable that I reinitiate this possibility and process to share and exchange presences with other poets in Edmonton.

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