The ‘Basic’ Meditations

When I started this blog last year, I did so because I had a number of ‘basic’ meditations about basic perspectives/frameworks/overviews–ways of viewing, understanding and appreciating life. Call this a foolish, na├»ve attempt to set down in concise terms, with some examples and quotes, ways of viewing the flow of one’s/anyone’s life.

If you are interested in seeing these, I suggest you go back to the beginning of this blog. Here are some meditation titles/topics to pique your curiosity:

August 2012:

Individual Process, Briefly

On the Necessity of Being an Individual

Conferring the Meanings of One’s Own Life


Presence and Non-presence

Connected and ‘Removed’

Connected Consciousness


Of ‘Missing Pieces’

Life as a Play: Of Performances and Roles

Moments of Being

Life Possibilities

Process, Context and Choice

Anyway, the meditations continue, though there are fewer of them now because of how much ground I covered in these early overviews. In many ways, I am happy I set down my consciousness and views on these topics for others, potentially, to read and think about for themselves. They drove/have driven this blog and its start-up.

The beginning of the blog is also interesting because I did the entries in a more sequential, connected order. There are also many of my older poems, prose pieces, and song lyrics that illustrate these topics as they occur from back to front, so to speak. So, there is much to be gained from reading the blog in reverse order up until late fall of 2012.

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