30 Years–Another Life

30 years of teaching 15-18-year-olds the possibilities, patterns, and meanings of life, literature, and language.

30 years of elucidating the pathways of imagination, imaginative thinking, critical thinking, close reading, and the creativity of language and literature.

30 years of facilitating connection with language, literature, ideas and themes.

30 years of sharing the delights and pleasures of books, poetry, drama, and good or great films.

30 years of opening up the possibilities of the printed word, metaphor, symbol, irony, ambiguity, sound and image.

30 years of challenging students to dig deep, teaching them how to read, write, think, and respond more largely and innerly.

30 years of bringing great works of poetry, prose, and film to the classroom, illuminating some of the best Canadian, English, and American literature.

30 years of shared teachable/learning moments.

30 years of enlightenment, inspiration, enthusiasm, and sheer depth.

30 years of introducing the possibilities of words, great writing, thought, and expression.

30 years–it was more than enough. It was more than a role, a mission, and purpose. It was fun, transcendentally connective, and a privilege. To have had that much freedom, that much responsibility, that much actualization and growth.

Yes, it was much of who I mostly was when I started in 1972 A.D. It was a life, a love, a belief, a value system, a practical expression and sharing of my innermost self and spirit. And I did it well. I maxed this life beyond the classroom, too–through 30+ years of writing and editing my books, and presenting teacher workshops.

In the end, there had been several thousand students, a similar number of teachers, and–via my books–contact with at least 5 million students (through multiple titles usage). It was as good as it gets. That much freedom, fun, meaning, purpose, significant action, and tangible accomplishments.

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