Consciousness–Start Me Up

Change has been continuous and ongoing on the grandson front as he hits 23 months. But of late, the wheels have begun to turn faster and one can sense more mental processing than ever. He now turns when his name is called to see what interesting possibilities might be in store. His vocabulary has enlarged and he is using syntax and questions more and more. His pronunciations are sharper, clearer. He continues to connect colors in different things and match pictures with object by himself as he plays or reads. His current fascination with large colored building blocks continues to be his main project of the day. When he wants to read, he gets his books. He puts away his toys every evening and says good-night to them and his surroundings. He still continues to share food and toys, and claps when he finishes a drawing or some play activity. When he turns on a music toy, he pulls out his drum with musical instruments inside to play along to the music. He still enjoys a good laugh or joke.

Yes, as we read an alphabet book he picked out and sat in front of me on the floor to read, I just read the words and pictures on the right pages, but his head was turned to the solitary letters on the left page. I will probably have to start reading those, too, next time. He is curious as ever and seems ready to learn more about whatever turns up in his day.


My own voyage, focusedly, into consciousness began about two years ago with some initial meditations. What I know and had learned suddenly had become of most interest in my life (which already had a lot of ideas in it previously thanks to teaching, reading and writing). I did not want to lose these passing epiphanies and momentous conclusions and so I wrote them down, which, in turn, led to this blog. So for me, the past 15 months have been a study of consciousness–my own mainly–and my various learnings from life.                                                                                                         

My grandson has been very interesting to write about. He has given me a chance to revisit the past and my own and my kids’ childhoods. And so I have been expanding my own recent understandings of consciousness via my grandson’s unfolding consciousness.  Best of all, I am being given the privilege of watching a new life unfold and to see all over again how one (everyone potentially) learns about and begins to experience life. Priceless!

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