Desert Dog: An Eloquent Protest

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I’d much rather be in Scottsdale this morning after another blizzard dump in Edmo. There is definitely something to be said for a sunny warm escape from what may be the longest winter of discontent ever in these parts of the frozen north.

This shot was taken two years ago in early January (a temp diff of 40-50 degrees). The sun felt really good and the desert landscape was the other end of the climate continuum. I am standing, without a care in the world, at the edge of the Frank Lloyd Wright studio-home property with some of Scottsdale below in the background, . As usual timing is everything and today would be would be another good day here to be leaving “The Cremation of Sam McGee” and Jack London state of mind way, way behind.

I can hardly wait to use the Mandel-Iveson Edmo bike paths this morning on my way to get the T.O Saturday papers! A good day for everyone else here to crawl back into bed. Hibernation as salvation.

As for me, I’ll never forget the desert beauty, peace, and solitude. You have/had to be there. “The nobleness of life/Is to do thus.” (Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra) Especially on a frozen north Edmo morning like this.

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