Bill Eddins!

ESO conductor. Best they’ve ever had. He challenges them and makes them play beautifully and more sensitively, as in the case of Beethoven’s Pastorale last evening.
A-mazing. Conducting without a score or baton. An incredible choreographed performance using all parts of his body. Twice in the second movement, he had the put his left hand on his back; later the same hand on his hip! Between movements, he would lean back against the rail with a ‘cool’ calm, relaxing himself, the orchestra, and audience, letting the silences resound, giving time for others to take in the music just played and about to be.

Possessing a great passion and deep love of music per se, he communicates his love with every gesture, flourish, coaxing, and emphasis. He is a total conductor, and a genius for making ESO give one of the best renditions of Beethoven’s No. 6 in F major, opus 68 you’ll ever be privileged to hear and, especially, see.
Last show Sat. Feb. 22, Winspear. Edmonton is so fortunate to have such a beautiful acoustically-rich venue and masterful conductor.

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