Johnny Clegg

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(the spirit of South Africa returned to Edmonton Saturday)

“You are the rolling ocean
You are the mighty sea
You are the breath that brings each new day to me
You are what you are, you are
You are what you are, you are
You be what you are.”
–“Rolling Ocean”, Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World

“I’m searching for the spirit of the great heart
To hold and stand me by…
Sometimes I feel that you really know me
Sometimes there’s so much you can show me…
And your life is a story like the wind”
“Great Heart”, In My African Dream: The Best of Johnny Clegg & Savuka


“Gonna make it through, I can feel it.”                                                                           –“Tough Enough”

Concert post-script–best Clegg show ever. The Spirit of the Great Heart very much intact and soaring. His son Jesse, an established platinum artist, opened with an amazing acoustic set–best opener I’ve ever heard in many years of concert-going. Talked to both at some length afterward. My concert cup runneth over this spring…

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