Birds Indoors: 365

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There are many nice, beautiful CDs in the Solitudes and Exploring Nature with Music series and many featuring birds with or without music. The above collection is especially outstanding and highly recommended.

The quiet, reflective music is sensitively composed and played by John Herberman with flute, clarinet, guitar, oboe, English horn, and harmonica accompaniment. Sounds recorded by long-time nature-lover  Dan Gibson include thrushes, grosbeak, sparrows, blackbird, wrens, mockingbird, cardinal, meadowlark, killdeer, Canada goose, blackbird, osprey, quail, yellowthroat, and woodpeckers.

A delightful audio sense-experience any day or time inside, though colder months and winter offer many reassuring reminders of pleasant, warm or green weather to return. The experience of Nature indoors is easily achieved by having plants, pets, PVR- and DVD-recorded Nature programs, as well as remarkable CDs such as Songbirds at Sunrise. The latter is also great to use for meditation and Tai chi exercises, especially mornings, in rooms with plants.

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