Watch What You Say

Scientists have recently found interesting information when they revived hospital patients who were officially/clinically. As some have long suspected (myself included), patients retain consciousness on their ‘way out’, and later recounted what was said or done in their rooms even after death.

When my mother declined in her last week quickly into a vegetative state, I had to usher out nurses who wanted to talk to me about her condition in front of her. They seemed surprised by this, but I did not choose to let my mother hear complete strangers talking about how badly off she was (with me, no less) in front of her on the off-chance the above-mentioned consciousness was possible.

The above scenario has a Twilight Zone episode-like quality about it. Imagine children and other family discussing in the presence of the dying or dead one what to do about the estate, let alone body! Imagine how this kind of talk might register on the patients and form the last harsh memories of life and the people closest to them. So insensitive, greedy, selfish, and thoughtless.

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