Gould–Gone, But Not Forgotten


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Glenn Gould (died at 50 in1982–32 years ago this past week). The Master Expressionist of Bach. A Veritable Piano Genius.

Well, a must-have for any serious Gould or Bach fan is (top-left photo) Glenn Gould: A State of Wonder–The Complete Goldberg Variations 1955 & 1981 (Sony Classical Legacy 2 CD set)–his final radio interview, outtakes, and fun play-by-play comparison).

Gould was fascinated with sound and voice, and that aspect of him is splendidly covered by (bottom left) 3 sound documentaries on 3 CDs–Glenn Gould’s Solitude Trilogy issued by CBC Records.

More insights into his playing and unique, but problematic life are handsomely offered by Francois Girard and Don McKellar’s excellent film Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould (Columbia Tristar Home Video) starring Colm Feore.

Also visually recommended, the excellent 10 DVD set of Sony Classical’s Glenn Gould on Television contains the complete CBC broadcasts 1954-1977. It includes “The Anatomy of the Fugue”, The Idea of North documentary, and music by Bach, Beethoven, Richard Strauss, Yehudi Menuhin, Schoenberg, and Mozart.

And next time you are in T.O., you can cuddle next to his wonderfully-sculpted-bench-likeness by Ruth Abernethy on Front St. in front of the C.B.C. building.

Yes, indeed, Glenn is still very much still with us.

Below an oldie of mine based on the Goldberg Variations, called “Variations on Goldberg”.

Slow teasing measures

there is time

teasing measures

why despair when

there is time

teasing measures?


Then run dancing joy

come with me

formal balance

up & down

see the range


& then



And drops of

rain falling


one too many

see drops of rain


the droplets of



Now measure how


they weave down-

ward slowly

the bright drops

of water:


of rain 



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