A Zillion Processes

Give us this day our daily process/es.

Our moments, hours, days, months, and years are made up of various processes we are part of or that we participate in. We are, at any given moment, at specific spots in these processes. Most processes we personally choose and continue to experience be they education, learning, work, relationships, home ownership, child-raising, owning a car, looking after various aspects of our health, banking, travelling, and so forth.

Often, processes come down to continuity, communication, development, personal growth, ‘getting things done’, attending to ‘unfinished business’, addressing ‘missing pieces’, learning, making necessary changes, and abandonment. Ultimately, as mentioned in a previous entry on process, context, and change (June 18/2014), process necessitates choices. These choices define us–who and what we are. We can limit, broaden, or free ourselves accordingly with these process choices.


For more on individual process, c.f. individual process blog entry (June 18, 2014)

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