Never What You Think It Might Be–The Romantic Englishwoman (1975)

A really nice, smart, U.K. ’70s ‘art film’ which defies conventionality. About a successful European novelist’s (Michael Caine) relationship with his spirited sexy wife (Glenda Jackson) and a mysterious young man rival (Helmut Berger) who is both a gigolo and thief. The main theme is about the blurring of fantasy with reality for all three characters, with plenty of anxiety dream and wish fulfillment, and much intrigue, jealousy, and deception mixed in. The script was co-authored by Tom Stoppard who keeps the dialogue tight, clipped, and frequently amusing. Joseph Losey’s direction is flawless for this unique, unusual film with elegant settings. Watch for the mirror and window symbolism throughout and ponder the many unexpected meanings of the “Romantic Englishwoman” title. (Great print on the newly released DVD.)

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