Of Sensibility

Sensibility is a key construct which people once were more interested in cultivating and developing. As Sven Birkerts describes it, it is, on one level, a range of fine feelings and ability to make distinctions (whether moral or aesthetic, etc.). On another, it is a refinement or cultivation of presence (what one essentially is and could be). On yet another, it is the part of inner life that is not given, but fashioned. On still another, sensibility means a coherent inwardness. For my own part, I believe that sensibility embodies the possibilities of/for resonance, integrity, and appreciation of such ‘old school’ things as gentleness, greatness, order, wisdom, romance, love, truth, beauty, soul, and the arts.


1st published here Aug. 9/2013

Curationism today is a ‘second-hand’ attempt to create and communicate personal sensibility. As such, it’s nonetheless important relative to personal identity, knowledge, values, and a life-view or philosophy. And it obviously is something we can potentially express. Though what we actually create ourselves out of nothing, so to speak, is far more interesting, unique, and more deeply expressive.

Important to remember in all of the above is that “Context is all” (John Updike) relative to who we most deeply/innerly are and what Arthur Miller said–that we are each of us unique and there has never been and will never be another person (‘snowflake’ metaphor) like us again. That arising in whatever context/s of our lives. (Much as illustrated in Orson Welles’ masterpiece Citizen Kane.)

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