Ultimate Sensibility

‘Tis in the information and knowing, like so much else, as I discussed in previous early entries…

Ultimate sensibility is basically a blend and/or union of the experiences of sensitivity to sensory stimuli (the physical, empirical, phenomenological world) and/with consciousness (including reflection, contemplation). Life, is of course, complex and operating on many levels/’worlds’, via many processes, but the apprehension, understanding and appreciation of the particular sensibility described above is ‘higher’, more ultimate, fulfilling, and satisfying. Typically, the body, heart and spirit are actively engaged in all of this zen and Dancing Shiva-related experience.

William Blake’s

“To see the World in a grain of sand,/And a Heaven in a wild flower,/Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand,/And Eternity in an hour.”

embodies ultimate sensibility, and it is to the poets such as Whitman, Wordsworth, and Keats that one can turn to find this desired/desirable synthesis.


(1st printed here Aug. 13/2013. I mention this because today for the first time in memory I saw the word “sensibility” actually used in a piece on curationism in the Globe and Mail.)

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