For Those Snowed Under


Don’t fret, angst, or worry; it’s all brief, transitory, and ephemeral in the great scheme of things. Focus, instead, on the personal choices you make by the moment, the day, the week, the month, and the year. In that is your purpose, significance, and meaning. In that is who you essentially are and what you can still make or create of yourself.

We all have expiry dates. Live each day as if you will die in the near future. Then the flotsam, jetsam, and crap will be much easier to remove. To pare down. To downsize to what really matters personally–an authentic, fuller, richer, happier life in whatever time and life remains for you.


“After the three R’s, the three A’s: anxiety, alienation, absurdity”.–Northrop Frye, “The University and Personal Life”

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